"a gem of a book, a brutally honest memoir of a son dealing with his mother's disorder....there are a number of
pearls throughout the book about the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's and also about modern psychiatric
practice.....Dr. Sivak is clearly a very principled and thoughtful psychiatrist and his matter-of-fact description of some
of the difficult social and philosophical challenges facing clinicians is refreshingly clear."
                                -John S. McIntyre, MD
                                Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of Rochester
                                Past President, American Psychiatric Association

"Dr. Sivak does not flinch from confronting the hard truths of how dehumanizing this disease can be as it robs its
victims of memory, personality, and dignity and leaves family bereft and angry..this memoir is a story of faith, of hope
and of love...His words of encouragement for others facing the loss of their loved ones to this terrible disease are
this though each of us walks down this path by ourselves, we are not truly alone. There is a community of caregivers
and fellow sufferers and physicians and scientists all working together"
                                -Ellen Cosgrove, MD
                                Regent's Professor, Internal Medicine
                                Senior Associate Dean, Education
                                University of New Mexico School of Medicine         

"ALZHEIMER’S, A UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE: At the age of 17, Joseph became the primary caregiver for his beloved
mother who was stricken with Alzheimer's. The experience compelled him to become a physician, who with his
unique dual personal and professional perspective, has gone on to treat thousands of patients afflicted with
Alzheimer's and mental illness. This is a must-read, written with riveting emotion, clinical insight, inspiration and
                                -Jacqueline Marcell,
                                Author of “Elder Rage”,
                                International Speaker,
                                Host of the “Coping with Caregiving” Radio Show

"Candid and eye-opening, When Can I Go Home? is a tough but rewarding read....Sivak not only grants readers
unfettered access to the innermost recesses of his mind and heart, he also inspires them to do the same....
Powerfully insightful....a stirring true life narrative sure to pull at the heartstrings. Highly recommended"
                                -Cary Merriman
                                Apex Reviews

"exceptional memoir written with abundance of warmth and dramatic power that will keep you continually captivated
until its final chapter. It is a far cry from the many mundane books concerning Alzheimer's......When Can I go Home?
is an emotionally charged and unique moving journey......a finely tuned story in a voice that blends two perspectives
- a young lad-caring for his mother - a physician called upon to treat countless victims.............Dr. Sivak elegantly
summarizes....'if you are caring for a loved one, then love them, and love them more each day, as if they were your
infant or child. No one deserves this illness, no family deserves this devastation'.."
                                -Norm Goldman Editor & Publisher

"Sivak's writing resonated with me. I joined him in tears and a feeling of frustration at the cruelness of onlookers,
rude in their  lack of understanding toward the magnitude of a caregivers role and the helplessness and inability of
the afflicted Alzheimer's patient to maintain any level of dignity.......unique in that it reflects a parallel viewpoint - a
contemporary physician- the primary caregiver to his parent as a teenager....he gives behind the scenes insights
into - the evolution of change taking place in the medical professio....a book for family caregivers, health providers,
and counselors...The narrative is broad in scope and personal in its message"
                                -Richard R. Blake

"A poignant memoir....worth reading whether you have a family member or not who has a form of dementia...I
believe readers will appreciate the author's willingness to share intimate details of his personal journey"

"As a child of a parent with dementia, I found his personal story and medical reports interesting"

"To anyone who has ever lost a loved one, I recommend this book, also to all who have had the responsibility of
caring for someone who could no longer care for themselves. Sivak's honesty and openness about the loneliness
and anger, the confusion of loss through the lost one still lives, the need to reach out and be connected with any
one for even a brief moment so you are not standing in the pit alone touches one with a stinging sense of
                                (Lisa -bookymouse)

"I saw the two deaths that his Mom suffered as I am. first the woman, mother, wife, helper lost who she was...then
finally she was set free...when her body suffered the second death...that is the story for all those that read
it, I hope they can find the story behind the story."
                                -Joseph Potocny
                                Author-Living with Alzheimers' Blog
                                Alzheimer's Sufferer